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The following course will provide dental professionals with the information that they need to identify smoking-related oral health pathologies and to help their patients find effective smoking cessation strategies. --- This course will report to CE Broker within 24 hours and can be taken at your own pace, on any device.
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About this course

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Oral Effects of Tobacco Use
    • Course Description
    • Learning Objectives
    • Course Outline
    • Introduction
    • A Brief History of Smoking and Tobacco Use
    • The Prevalence of Smoking in the United States
    • The Effects of Smoking on Oral Health
    • The Safety of Alternative Tobacco and Nicotine Products
    • Oral Health Screenings for Patients Who Smoke
    • How Dentists Can Help Their Patients Stop Smoking
    • Conclusion
    • Post Test
    • Resources
    • Course Evaluation

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