About this course

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with an overview of the human trafficking epidemic, its effects on the victims and how to identify resources that practitioners can use for assessment and treatment of human trafficking victims. --- This course will report to CE Broker within 24 hours and can be taken at your own pace, on any device.
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About this course

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Human Trafficking for the Healthcare Provider
    • Overview
    • Learning Objectives
    • Course Outline
    • Introduction
    • Human Trafficking Defined
    • Human Trafficking Statistics
    • Data Collection Challenges
    • Common Misconceptions About Human Trafficking
    • Common Forms of Human Trafficking
    • Case Studies in Human Trafficking
    • Risk Factors Contributing to Victimization
    • Tactics Used by Perpetrators of Human Trafficking
    • The Stages of Human Trafficking
    • The Impact and Consequences of Human Trafficking on Victims
    • The Role of Health Care Providers in Identifying Potential Victims of Human Trafficking
    • Best Practice Guidelines for Interviewing Trafficking Victims
    • How to Report Known or Suspected Human Trafficking
    • Documenting Physical Findings
    • Laws and Policies Regarding Human Trafficking
    • Preventing Human Trafficking Through Awareness, Interventions, and Resources
    • Resources for Providers
    • Conclusion
    • References 
    • Human Trafficking - Test
    • Course Evaluation

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