Human Trafficking for the Healthcare Provider

Fulfills Florida Requirement

The purpose of this 2 hour course is to recognize the significant population of victims of human trafficking and work to curb the epidemic through education and awareness. This course complies with House Bill No. 851 Chapter 2019-152 , s.464.013(c) and s.787.06(2) which states that Florida Nurses must take a 2 hour course in Human Trafficking every two year, and that Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians must take at a minimum 1 hour of Human Trafficking training. This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with an introduction to the human trafficking epidemic, its effect on the victims and to identify resources that practitioners can use for assessment and treatment of human trafficking victims. After completion of this course, Smart CE will report completions to CE Broker.
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Human Trafficking for the Healthcare Provider

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Human Trafficking for the Healthcare Provider
    • Overview
    • Learner's Objectives
    • Definitions of Human Trafficking
    • Types of Human Trafficking 
    • Factors that Contribute to Human Trafficking
    • The Effects of Trafficking on Victims
    • The Trafficking Experience through the Eyes of a Victim
    • Identifiers as a Healthcare Provider 
    • Assessment of Trafficking Victims for Healthcare Providers
    • Public & Private Social Services and Reporting Procedures
    • Sharing Information with Patients & Referral Options
    • Specific Legal Concerns for Immigrant Victims
    • References 
    • Human Trafficking - Test

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