Domestic Violence

Fulfills Florida Requirement

The purpose of this course is to alert nurses and other healthcare professionals to the prevalence of domestic violence in the US and Florida, provide insight into recognizing signs in patients presenting with other complaints and give an overview of possible interventions. Approved by the Florida Boards to meet required Domestic Violence requirements for renewal.
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Domestic Violence

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Domestic Violence: The Hidden Diagnosis
    • Introduction
    • What Is Domestic Violence?
    • More Than a Husband Beating up a Wife
    • Categories of Domestic Violence
    • Core Concepts of Domestic Violence
    • The Legal Definition of Domestic Violence
    • How Common Is Domestic Violence?
    • Prevalence of Domestic Violence In The US
    • Victims and Perpetrators of Domestic Violence
    • Characteristics of Abusers
    • Recognizing Signs of Domestic Violence
    • Just A Feeling
    • Interactions With The Partner
    • A Touchy Subject
    • Approaching a Patient About Suspected Abuse
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Domestic Violence: The Hidden Diagnosis

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