About this course

The following course is designed to help dental professionals understand their role in fighting the current opioid crisis as well as provide best practices that dentists can use when prescribing pain medications to their patients. --- This course will report to CE Broker within 24 hours and can be taken at your own pace, on any device.
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About this course

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Controlled Substance Prescribing for Dentists
    • Course Description
    • Learning Objectives
    • Course Outline
    • Introduction
    • Trends in Opioid Prescribing
    • Types of Opioids
    • Mechanism of Action of Opioids
    • Physical Effects of Opioids on the Body
    • Side Effects of Opioids
    • Opioid Agonists and Antagonists
    • Pain Medications in Dental Practice
    • Opioid Tolerance, Dependence, Addiction, and Withdrawal
    • Guidelines for Opioid Prescription by Dentists
    • Screening for Substance Abuse
    • Opioid Best Practices for Dentists
    • Conclusion
    • Test
    • References
    • Course Evaluation

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