Alzheimer's Disease

5 Contact Hours

This course provides an overview of the history and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease as well as guidance on how to view and treat patients with it. Approved for all nurses. We report to CE Broker within 24 hours!
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Alzheimer's Disease

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Alzheimer's Disease
    • Introduction
    • What Causes AD?
    • What Are the Symptoms of AD?
    • The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
    • How is AD Diagnosed?
    • How is AD Treated?
    • Recent Alzheimer’s Disease Research
    • Caregiving for Alzheimer’s Patients
    • Communicating with Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
    • Ethics with Alzheimer’s Disease
    • The Risk of Driving with Alzheimer’s Disease:
    • Conclusion
    • Quiz